What is The Good?

young girl jumping from rock in forest in autumn in park, slow shutter, motion blur. Gatineau Park, Quebec, Ontario.

Understanding. Kindness. Play. Creativity. Water. Dancing. Hugs. Stories. Listening. Food shared with friends. Dogs. Cats (well, most of them, haha). Trees, wind, sunshine. Children laughing. Elders laughing. Us laughing. The moon. Believing in people. Hard conversations. Being silly. Listening (gotta remind ourselves sometimes). Holding hands. A quiet walk. Working together. . . It’s just a start.

At Spruce, we’re moved by the Good. It’s not one thing. It’s not owned by a particular group, political party or organization (but they can all help grow the Good).

More than anything, the Good is what brings us together. It makes us feel alive, connected and willing to work towards creating a better place for all. We need more of the Good. We believe our world depends on it.

At Spruce, we try to use our gifts—strategic, creative, collaborative—to help the Good grow. We love working with organizations who are doing the same thing in their own way.

Whether it’s advocating for clean energy, advancing affordable housing, helping a local lettuce farm, building public transit, celebrating the strengths of Indigenous women and 2SLGBTTQIA folks, growing a writers’ festival, branding a library or hospital. . . or anywhere people come together with a passion for making their communities better places to live, work and be with one another. That’s the kind of thing we’re into.

Growing the Good in your own way? Want help making a bigger impact? Send us a note at info@sprucecreative.ca. We’d love to hear from you.

Andrew Vincent is one of the partners at Spruce Creative. After “We help the good grow” was proposed as Spruce’s new tagline, he wondered “what is the Good?” and this is what came out. If he had to pick one good thing, it would be having silly conversations with his kids.