Brand strategy, visual identity & website

Project Type:

  • Brand identity
  • Graphic design
  • Strategy
  • Website design & development


  • City Building
  • Human Development
  • Indigenous Priorities

As part of a strategic shift to develop additional financial streams and to be more inclusive of Indigenous partners and projects, the Cornwall and Counties Community Futures Development Corporation partnered with Spruce to develop a refreshed brand strategy, visual identity and website. The new identity needed to reflect both its new commercial services and existing connection to Community Futures Development, and recognize Akwesasne, the Indigenous community they serve, as part of the larger region.

Following Spruce’s stakeholder engagement process, the organization selected ACCFutures as its new brand name, along with two corresponding service brands, ACCPathways and ACCInnovations. This was accompanied by a bold, dynamic and clean visual identity which reflected the strength and growth of their region. The new brand has helped ACCFutures gain more visibility within its community and industry, while also increasing the visibility of the businesses they serve. Spruce has further supported ACCFutures with other projects, most notably their groundbreaking work on the Portlands, a major infrastructure partnership between Cornwall and Akwesasne.