Spruce is an Ottawa-based creative agency—with a team in Vancouver—focused on working with organizations to make their communities better places in which to live, learn, work, play and grow. We do that by building brands and campaigns that help our clients tell stories to drive change and create lasting impact. We know that strategy + creativity x respectful relationships help our clients realize their potential.

As a certified Canadian Aboriginal Business, Spruce is proud to have Indigenous ownership, supported by a diverse team. We are committed to creating a safe, curious and collaborative environment in which to work with our clients and where we can learn and grow together as a team.

Our Values

Our team developed this list through a collaborative exercise. We strive to live these values internally and in our relationships with our clients. We hope they give you a sense of what drives us and what it’s like to work with us.

Growth is our why.

We support and challenge ourselves, each other, our clients and our community in reaching our potential. When we grow, our clients succeed.

Collaboration is our how.

We are committed to working together as a team—in bringing our unique strengths together to create magic. We create a space where it is safe to share and make mistakes.

Creativity is our fuel.

We love to create new things and find new solutions. Whether doing “creative” work or not, we are thoughtful and inspired to create something new. We never mail it in.

Accountability is our foundation.

We are accountable to ourselves, our team, our clients and our community. We each take 100% responsibility for our success and the success of our projects. This is a blame-free zone.

Balance, Flexibility and Fun is our BFF.

We are committed to providing the balance and flexibility needed to be at our creative, collaborative best and to support our growth inside and outside of work. And we need to have fun!

Our team

Adam Robillard

Web Designer & Developer (he/him)

Amanda McMillan

Amanda McMillan

Director of Brand Development (she/her)

Andrew Vincent

Partner & Content Director (he/him)

Christopher McCluskey

Christopher McCluskey

Art Director (he/him)

Cindy MacBride

Director of Client Experience (she/her)

Danielle Galacio

Graphic Designer (she/her)

Guy Freedman

Guy Freedman

Partner & Advisor (he/him)

Joseph Mathieu

Account Manager & Writer (he/him)

Nadia Collins

Art Director (she/her)

Nina Jane Drystek

Manager of Digital Communications (she/her)

Pascal Huot

Creative Director (he/him)

Paul Marconi

Partner & Creative Director (he/him)

Rose Seto

Web Developer (she/her)

Sho Sengupta

Senior Account Strategist (she/her)